BEWARE of Jadi Plotter Repair Services

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I searched for HP Plotter Repairs, found a company called Jadi that serviced my area. I noticed they were on the first page on my google search. I called them to arrange a service tech to come to our office. The next day the repairman came, we explained the problem in detail on the phone and in person.

The cutter on our machine was making a grinding sound and it was getting worse. The Jadi man wrote us an invoice for a start motor assembly and 2 sensors. A week later he returns with the parts to install and this cost us $675.00. After he finished the work, the machine was no better; he said we needed to replace all 8 printheads to calibrate the machine to fix the problem.

He then gave us another invoice for $524.93 for the printheads and a contract for 1 year of service that would cost us $1950.00 I started questioning if this was necessary to correct the grinding noise, especially since the parts he installed did nothing to fix the problem. The Jadi man got extremely defensive and rude, I realized he was really just trying to sell us unnecessary printheads, cleaners, inks and toners. He said that would fix the noise after he replaces the printheads and calibrates the machine... Well I decided to call another co to finish the job; they confirmed my suspicion and fixed the plotter with one visit.

Jadi Plotter repair is also the same company with these websites,,,,,,,,

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